Using K12 Educational Video Content Commercially

Whatever your interests online involve, the one constant about the Internet ever since it first became available for public use, is best described by the commonly used phrase…”Content is King”. And this is particularly the case with educational content, The reach and potential usability of educational material online, extends far beyond schools and businesses into homes in every country where the general population has reasonable access to the Web.

Strong content delivered in an online environment, has the ability to

perform three powerful functions: the rapid establishment of a new business online, the retention of existing traffic and business, and thirdly the capability to develop greatly increased traffic and henceforth new business.//As a result, our educational content can be deployed profitably in a variety of ways. And because it is educationally based, it has a much broader market appeal than if it were a niche market resource.

Examples of the ways that our online educational catalogue can be used include:

Internet Services Providers, many of whom are only able to compete in the market based on their pricing structure, might use our educational content as a “value-added service”, either as an offering to their existing customers, or as a means of attracting new business. The opportunity exits to grow both market-share and revenues by adopting a subscription-based, pay-to-use model, made available at discounted rates to those customers who also use their ISP services. Strategically, such an opportunity also offers the ISP the opportunity to gain a strong foothold in the school market, which

in turn opens the door to increase their overall market share by targeting the student and home ISP market, through the school environment.

An online product or service provider such as an insurance company for example, could use our content to build both their profile and market share by making the use of it available to their customers. Politically and commercially, this is a very powerful marketing tool.

Schools, HomeSchools and Universities, or those supplying online services either, to or through them, obviously have the opportunity to use our content to further develop and enhance their commercial opportunities. In view of both the format and the size of our catalogue, pay-to-use and subscription-based models provide viable options to create additional revenue streams.

Business Opportunists and Online Entrepreneurs would quickly realise that the quantity, the audio/video format and the comprehensive nature of our educational content, offers significant opportunities to develop revenue streams, either by delivering the

use of our content online adopting a pay-to-use or subscription based model, or alternatively by monetising the traffic from advertising revenues.

Businesses providing services for those with Learning Impairments and Reading Disabilities have significant difficulty locating suitable online content for their particular market. The Audio/Video nature of our content ensures that the student, or end-user, is not required to have any reading, or even sight capability, to use our content as an effective learning medium. In, fact the text-linked audio/video feature of our content, offers an effective tool to aid in the improvement of reading standards, if so required.

English Learning Classes and Schools in a wide variety of countries would enjoy the benefit of using the text-linked audio/video nature of our content to enhance their offering to their students. Never has teaching English as a second language been more effective than in an environment where the student is able to read the text, while following along listening as it is being spoken.
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