Interactive Online K-12 Quizzes: Online K-12 Testing: Licensing Available

Interactive Online K-12 Quizzes & Online K-12 Testing

Interactive Online K-12 Quizzes: Online K-12 Testing: Licensing Available

A comprehensive library of over 250 online interactive K-12 quizzes is now available to provide online testing for the 250 topics covered by our 1,000+ K-12 educational online video titles.

Those 250 topics are included within the K-12 subjects of Art, Music, History, Geography, Literature, Science, Biology, Health, Social Sciencs and Library Skills that we provide learning videos for.

Each Quiz offers 20 questions that are automatically selected from a pool of over 100 questions per topic so as to provide a consistently refreshed range of questions on the particular topic to enable the student to meaningfully re-use that quiz repeatedly.

So as to ensure that each quiz not only provides a quality level of online testing but also contributes to the student's ongoing learning process, feedback is provided when each answer is assessed that provides an explanation as to why the students answer was either correct or incorrect.

Each Quizz is presented in a multiple-choice format and has a time limit within which the student has to complete the quiz. Upon completion of the automatic assessment of the results achieved at the end of the quiz, the student has the option of emailing the results to themselves.

We also have the option of providing these online interactive K-12 quizzes in a SCORM compliant format where the students results can be intergrated into a School's Learning Management platform if required.

You can review samples of both our online K-12 educational videos and the relevant interactive quizzes by using the button below.

Our library of online interactive K-12 quizzes is available for licensing along with our comprehensive catalogue of online K-12 educational videos.

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