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Our comprehensive range of Music titles starts by studying the lives and work of 18 of the world’s most famous classical composers. From Bach to Schubert, and Chopin to Mozart, there are many names that you will immediately recognise. Our Music Catalogue then proceeds to take a look at the actual fundamentals of music by studying the importance of Dynamics and Tone, Rhythm and Melody. You’ll learn what music is and how it works. We then move on to examine the workings of the symphony orchestra, reviewing the various sections
and instruments that make up the orchestra. Our Music eContent Catalogue would be incomplete if we did not delve into the history of music through the various periods and ages. Finally compare the relationship and influences between Art and Music through the centuries. In total, 84 music titles will provide students with a fascinating and comprehensive review of the subject.

Great Composers (18 Titles)
Fundamentals of Music (11 Titles)
Music Appreciation (15 Titles)
History of Music (24 Titles)
Art & Music (16 Titles)
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  Johann Sebastian Bach (13:14)
Ludwig van Beethoven (14:47)
Johannes Brahms (16:32)
Frederic Francois Chopin (17:58)
Claude-Achille Debussy (18:36)
Antonin Leopold Dvorak (15:19)
Edvard Grieg (18:16)
George Frideric Handel (12:58)
Howard Hanson (17:01)
Franz Joseph Haydn (14:44)
Felix Mendelssohn (18.07)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (12:31)
Sergey Vassilievich Rakhmaninov (18:24)
Maurice Ravel (17:51)
Franz Peter Schubert (15:47)
Robert Schumann (17:55)
Johann Strauss (16.47)
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (19:27)
Dynamics & Tone
  Introduction to Dynamics & Tone (2:25)
Dynamics & Tone in the Baroque Period (3:27)
Dynamics & Tone in the Classical Age (2:33)
Dynamics & Tone in the Romantic Age (3:34)
Dynamics & Tone in the Modern Age (4:35)
Rhythm & Melody
  Introduction to Rhythm & Melody (3:08)
Introduction to Classical Music (3:36)
Rhythm & Melody in the Baroque Period (3:42)
Rhythm & Melody in the Classical Age (2:30)
Rhythm & Melody in the Romantic Age (2:37)
Rhythm & Melody in the Modern Age (4:45)
Instruments of the Symphony Orchestra
  Stringed Instruments (15:02)
Woodwind Instruments (18:20)
Brass Instruments (14:56)
Percussion Instruments (15:22)
Melodious Percussion Instruments (15:21)
The Orchestra (18:07)
Making Music: The Symphony Orchestra
  Building the Musical Program (2:54)
Rehearsals and Practice (6:13)
Being Part of an Orchestra (6:30)
Conducting an Orchestra (5:31)
Bringing the Pieces Together (6:27)
The Final Performance (4.08)
Appreciating the Orchestra
  The Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra (19.58)
Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf (25:15)
Through the Classical Period
  Origins and Overview (20:10)
Middle Ages and Renaissance (25:32)
The Baroque Era (24:27)
Through the Classical Period (21:09)
Romanticism to Contemporary
  Early Romanticism (22:32)
Later Romanticism (22:53)
The Early 20th Century (24:07)
Into The 80’s (20:31)
The Art of Listening
  How to Use Your Ears (14:16)
Rhythm, Melody and Harmony (14:29)
Counterpoint and Timbre (15:17)
The Art of Listening (13:55)
Music and Culture
  Polynesian (14.37)
African (15.14)
North American Indian (10:31)
American Folk Music
  The Roots of American Folk Music (15:49)
Country Music (19.30)
Black Folk Music (18:36)
Folk Music in History – Part 1 (19:36)
Folk Music in History – Part 2 (16:12)
History of Jazz
  New Orleans – The Birth of Jazz (14:50)
Chicago – The Golden Age of Jazz (13:38)
The Years When Swing was King (19:56)
From Bebop till Today (23:50)
The Medieval Era
  The Holy Roman Empire (15:03)
The Gothic Period (18:21)
The Renaissance
  The Early Renaissance (24:28)
The High Renaissance (26:09)
The Baroque
  The Birth of the Baroque Arts (19:50)
Baroque Arts and Northern Europe (18:47)
The Eighteenth Century
  The Age of Enlightenment (16:35)
The Age of Revolution (17:59)
  Romantic Painters (18:11)
Romantic Composers (19:55)
  Debussy and Monet (22:38)
The Influence of Impressionism (21:49)
The Twentieth Century
  Artistic Revolutions Part 1 (15:19)
Artistic Revolutions Part 2 (17:44)
  Crisis in the Concept of Reality (17:53)
A Torrent of Dreams (17:48)
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