K12 Educational Video Content Licensing Opportunities

1,000+ Online K-12 Curriculum eLearning Videos Released by ZP Online Publishing

LONDON, April 15 – Websites wanting to License the use of K-12 online educational video titles and eLearning content, will greet the launch of a new 1,000+ educational online video catalogue from ZP Online Publishing Ltd.

Announcing the completion of a 2 year project, online educational publisher, eLearning content aggregator, eContent provider and Licensor ZPOP, has released for global licensing, a comprehensive catalogue of K-12 curriculum online educational video titles covering Art, Music, Science, Biology, History, Literature, Geography, Social Sciences, Religious Studies, Health and Library Skills.

The company has identified four key potential Licensing markets for their online content:

  • Schools, colleges, distance learning and homeschool curriculum service providers.
  • Internet service providers that currently compete on price only, and understand the opportunity to offer value added services.
  • Education portals looking for education content.
  • Entrepreneurial businesses that want to build their customerbase and promote brand awareness in the school and education, home and homeschooling markets, while at the same time creating opportunities for new revenue generation.

‘We have also identified a further opportunity for our Licensees to cater for students of all ages with sight impairments and reading disabilities, a market seldom catered for on the Internet’ explained Nicholas Tee, ZPOP’s Marketing Director. ‘While most online educational content is currently text based, our eLearning content is made significantly more compelling by the dynamic features of video broadcast. In addition, we see tremendous international licensing opportunities targeting the global student market that is learning English as a second language, in particular India, China and Middle Eastern locations like Saudi Arabia and Dubai. They will find that our eContent and use of text in conjunction with the soundtrack offers valuable educational resources.’

About ZP Online Publishing Ltd:

ZP Online Publishing is an online educational publisher, eLearning content aggregator and eContent provider and Licensor with offices in London, New Zealand and Hong Kong. The company owns a significant resource of K-12 education content which it is in the process of converting for delivery online, complete with interactive testing for each title.

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