Licensing Our Online K12 Education Video Content

Looking to establish an online presence….or simply want to further develop your online business? Want to significantly increase your website traffic, or build a brand …..or simply want to keep your customers coming back?

Whatever your interests online, the one constant about the Internet ever since its inception, is best described by the commonly used phrase…”Content is King”. And this is particularly the case with educational content where its potential reach extends through schools

and businesses into homes across every country in the world where the general population has access to the Web.

ZP Online Publishing specialises in the licensing of its K-12 education content to companies, online businesses, schools, homeschool providers and learning institutions in many countries around the world. We give preference to Licensing partners and Licensing opportunities where the use of our content will be within a “walled-garden” environment, and therefore generally inaccessible to the general internet user without them entering into some form of User Agreement.

If you are interested in licensing part, or all of our e-Content, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Under normal circumstances we will discuss a minimum licensing period of 2 years, however most of our clients request to License those titles they are interested in for periods of 3 to 5 years.

Our Licensing Fees are usually calculated on a fixed annual amount. We may consider profit sharing proposals if secured with minimum-earnings guarantees.

If you are interested in Licensing and using part, or all, of our online eLearning and online education video catalogue, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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