Online Educational & eLearning Video Content

Our Online Educational & eLearning Video Content

Online Educational & eLearning Video Content

ZP Online Publishing is an eLearning Publisher and provider of K-12 curriculum and K-12 support curriculum eLearning videos and K-12 eLearning online quizzes designed to provide students and children with the opportunity to learn online, faster, better, and at their own pace.

We own one of the world's most comprehensive catalogues of K-12 educational and eLearning curriculum video content and online K-12 testing content (interactive quizzes) and provide the opportunity for companies in the education and eLearning market, with the opportunity to licence and use our content.

The Features of our eLearning Video Content
Video - A Far more Dynamic Learning Tool
Online Educational & eLearning Video Content

There is a wide selection of educational content already freely available on the Internet from websites such as Answers and Wikipedia, but the student is forced to read.

It is widely recognised in academic circles that video has been shown to be not only the best and most effective way of capturing a student's attention, it is also the most effective way to maintain their attention. And While we cannot dispute

the benefit's of reading, if we want to encourage our children to learn, it is all about capturing and maintaing their attention as effectively as possible.
Suitable for Both US and UK Based Curriculum's
Online Educational & eLearning Video Content

Many countries in different parts of the world have leaned towards adopting the educational curriculum’s of either the United States or the United Kingdom, and as a result have some preference towards using educational material developed for one or other of those countries.

A close examination of our entire catalogue will demonstrate that we have taken that into consideration and have gone to

the trouble and expense of using American presenters on the audio soundtracks for those programs more suited to the US based curriculum’s, while at the same time using British presenters to prepare the audio soundtracks for those educational videos with more of a British flavour.

In addition to that we have constructed our audio soundtracks in such a way as to make them readily localised for those countries where localisation is a requirement.

Covers a Comprehensive Range of Subjects
Online Educational & eLearning Video Content

One of the single greatest strengths of our educational video catalogue is the comprehensive range of subjects that we provide video learning and testing material for.

Art, Music, Literature, Science, Biology, History, Geography, Social Sciences, Health and Library Skills are the primary subjects that we currently provide for students of all ages and grades from Elementary through to High School and College.

At present our catalogue includes approximately 1,000 online educational videos covering 250 main subject topics with online interactive quizzes containing over 100 questions for each of those subject topics.
Sub-Titled Video Shown to Improve Reading Literacy Levels
Online Educational & eLearning Video Content

All of our K-12 education videos are subtitled. And they are subtitled for a specific reason.

Research carried out by the Availll Foundation over a four year period has demonstrated that subtitled videos, have the ability to improve the reading literacy level of a student by as much as a year in a period as little as 12 weeks.

These dramatic results indicate that students that use our education videos will not only benefit from learning the particular topic taught in the video itself, it also offers the potential to greatly improve their individual reading literacy level.
Enabling Students to Learn at their own Pace
Online Educational & eLearning Video Content

All of our educational videos have been developed with the aim of allowing each student to learn online, faster, better and at there own pace. By providing the use of our educational video titles, concerned parents and teachers alike can feel confident that they are helping each child to actualise his or her highest potential in every subject.

Our online interactive quizzes then enable that student to not only test themselves about what they have learnt, the answers to each

question then explain exactly why the student has answered correctly or incorrectly. This manner of online testing provides a learning process in itself.
Providing for Special Needs Students
Online Educational & eLearning Video Content

Special needs students are also catered for in the presentation style that is used on each video.

A reading disability or dyslexia is now no longer a problem as the student has the ability to watch and listen to each presentation and absorb the information without being solely reliant on having to read.

However the fact that each video is subtitled also offers the student the ability to read what is being heard, which offers a number of significant potential benefits.

Reading disabilities and varying levels of dyslexia are now much more common but they should not rob any student of their chance to learn. Sadly, few other forms of online learning other than video can cater for special needs situations such as these.

Learning English as a Second Language?
Online Educational & eLearning Video Content

Increasing numbers of students around the world are now learning English as a second language.

Our educational videos offer every one of those students the opportunity to learn and continually improve their English speaking capability while they are learning other subjects.

The audio presentation on every video delivers the material that

appears on every subtitled page of our videos enabling that student to see how each particular word appears as they hear how it is pronounced. This offers an invaluable method of learning and practising even the most technically orientated words that might otherwise require a specialised English language course.
eLearning for Students with Sight Impairment, Blindness or Deafness
Online Educational & eLearning Video Content

Students suffering from either total blindness or deafness are able to use our educational videos to further their studies.

Each video offers the student the choice of either reading or listening to each presentation.

As the demand for eLearning and online educational material continues to grow in all countries, no other means of

information delivery can cater for the blind or deaf student in the effective way that subtitled video can.

It is our intention as a company to launch a website in the next 12 months that will be specifically developed to cater and provide online learning for totally blind students that continue to be disadvantaged at this time.

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