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To develop any understanding about art, it is important to look back through the centuries and look at the various periods such as the Ages of Realism, Romanticism, the Baroque, the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, and see how they have all contributed towards what art is today. Developing an understanding of those periods will also help the student recognise the various traits and characteristics of the works of art from each period. A series of 39 titles will help you comprehensively explore the history of art, and the painters and artists from those times. A further 6 titles then review and discuss 6 specially selected works that are universally recognised as being Great Works of Art. Donít forget to also explore our music catalogue where an additional 16 titles examines the relationship between Art
and Music throughout the main periods in history. Art students of all ages will benefit from the extensive range of Art Titles and Art eContent on offer.

History through Art (33 Titles)
Great Works of Art (6 Titles)
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Ancient Greece
  The Age and itís Art Part 1 (11:49)
The Age and itís Art Part 2 (12:31)
The Age and itís Art Part 3 (16:41)
Ancient Rome
  The Founding of a Republic (12:15)
The Creation of an Empire (10.01)
The Decline of Rome (10.30)
The Middle Ages
  Early Christianity (9.53)
The Dark Ages (9:22)
Romanesque and Gothic (8:51)
The Renaissance
  The Age and its Art Part 1 (13:25)
The Age and its Art Part 2 (14:20)
The Baroque
  The Age and its Art Part 1 (13:09)
The Age and its Art Part 2 (10:15)
The Age and its Art Part 3 (12:31)
The Enlightenment
  The Age and its Art Part 1 (15:23)
The Age and its Art Part 2 (19:15)
  The Age and its Art Part 1 (11.55)
The Age and its Art Part 2 (9.33)
The Pre-Modern Era
  Realism (9:51)
Impressionism (11.34)
Post Impressionism (11.00)
The Twentieth Century
  Technology and the Artists Eye (14:57)
Expressionism and the Modern Self (11:05)
Native American Rock Art of the Southwest
  Introduction to Native American Rock Art (6:08)
Through the Ages (3:44)
Newspaper Rock (3.57)
Hueco Tanks (6:48)
Three Rivers (5:10)
Pecos River (5:14)
Sego Canyon (2:28)
Native American and Colonial Art
  Native American Painting Part 1 (12:55)
Native American Painting Part 2 (16:24)
Colonial American Painting (17:16)
  Chartres Cathedral (18:36)
Giottoís Arena Chapel (19:29)
The Merode Altarpiece (17:51)
The Bayeux Tapestry (15:01)
Goyaís The Third of May (13:24)
Picassoís Guernica (16:46)
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