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ZP Online Publishing is an online educational publisher, eLearning content aggregator and eContent provider and Licensor with offices in London, New Zealand and Hong Kong. We are a business dedicated to the aggregation and purchase of educational content, which we then re-purpose and reformat for delivery online. As a result we own a significant resource of online K-12 education content which we licence for use by third parties.

Our clients will either use that content on a standalone basis with which to develop an online business model that they can monetise using a variety of advertising solutions, or alternatively others like schools, homeschools and eLearning providers will use our eLearning content to enhance their existing business model. Our online K-12 curriculum education content catalogue is also sufficiently comprehensive to enable it to be used to provide the foundations for on online subscription business model.

In virtually all situations the use of our online video content is provided by our clients to their customers, from within in a “walled-garden environment” where access to the use of the online video content by the end-user or student, requires a registration or login procedure. Whether the end user of student is required to pay for access is dependant on the business model adopted by our Licensees.

We welcome enquiries from schools, homeschooling providers, eLearning companies and businesses that have a interest in using, and delivering the use of our substantial catalogue of educational content online, under a Licensing Agreement, to build their businesses, and their brand.

Similarly, we welcome enquiries from companies and businesses that own educational content and either wishes to dispose of it, or alternatively make it available for us to repurpose and reformat to enable delivery online.

As an online educational publisher, eLearning content aggregator and eContent provider, ZPOP is primarily focused on acquiring and delivering educational content that is best described as non-core K-12 curriculum content. We have not attempted to become involved with the core-curriculum subjects of English and Mathematics, simply because too many other online publishers compete in this specific marketplace, and the curriculum requirements vary considerably from country to country.

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