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ZP Online Publishing Launches

First Online Educational Video and Quiz Subscription Site

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our our new online education video subscription website at

Zane Education provides the ondemand use of more than 1,500 online educational videos specifically developed to meet the needs of the K-12 curriculum. It is the first online education video subscription website of it's kind and and provides online video that teaches 12 subjects and 250 curriculum topics. The site also provides 250 online interactive quizzes allowing children and students to test themselves after learning each topic.

While each video enables students to learn at their own speed and thereby achieve their greatest potential, the key feature is that each video, with the exception of the Math videos, is subtitled thereby providing each student with the option to watch, listen to, or read each presentation.This allows each student to take in and process the information in the manner that meets their individual learning abilities.

By providing these valuable options, the Zane Education online videos also provide an essential online learning tool for special needs students, gifted students, dyslexic students and those with reading difficulties, disabled students, students with learning difficulties and autism, and hearing impaired students and those with sight impairments.

ESL students and those many students needing to improve their reading literacy skills will also find great benefits using these online eduaction videos.

The Subjects taught using online video include Art, Biology, Geography, Health, History, Library Skills, Literature, Math, Music, Religious Studies, Science and Social Science.

In addition to the educational videos and interactive quizzes, Zane Education is providing a wide range of other online educational materials and content including an online encyclopedia and World Factbook, a World Leaders Guide, and a growing selection of FREE K12 Curriculum and Lesson Plans Guides with more content being added weekly.


Online K-12 Educational Videos Now Accompanied by Online Testing

As the owner of one of the world's largest catalogues of online K-12 educational videos, ZP Online Publishing has announced the release of online quiz testing for each of it's online video titles.

The release of over 250 online Interative Quizzes for the K-12 education market, with each quizz providing a resource of 100 or more multiple choice questions, sees the company complete Stage 2 of their goal to provide children and students of all ages, with the opportunity to learn online, faster, better and at their own pace. And those same students now have the ability to test themselves to actually see what they have learnt.

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With an ongoing committment to supporting the non-core curriculum subjects including Art, Music, Science, Biology, History, Literature, Geography, Social Sciences, Religious Studies and Health, ZP Online Publishing will soon launch a dedicated website to service the needs of the rapidly growing homeschool market in the United States.

The new site will provide the first on-demand, subscription based K-12 education video website of it's kind in the US.

While the new website will be the companies first move to deliver educational video and online quiz testing direct to the education and homeschool market, our primary focus remains on licensing and providing the use of our K-12 educational videos and online quizz content, to a variety of other online companies established in the eLearning market, or those contemplating a launch into the online education market.

We welcome your eLearning and educational video licensing enquiries.

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